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Sky Race World Cup is an entirely new concept: An action-packed sport that speaks directly to our hearts and offers an extraordinary experience of our environment and the natural world. But most of all, it is a celebration of the planet and the start of a new future history.

While other sports will need to adjust to evolving attitudes about the environment, the Sky Race World Cup was born with sustainability built into its DNA. Its image is crystal clear, its credibility impeccable. It represents the ultimate platform for global brands to communicate their environmental agenda, with the passion and commitment that only sport can ignite.

Involvement in Sky Race World Cup can take place in a number of ways, please contact us for a productive dialogue.

We are currently seeking to recruit

Sales executives, accustomed to deal with global companies, both in the Swedish office and distributed.

Sales Support assistant, based in Göteborg

Senior Account Managers, based in Göteborg

Financial Director, based in Göteborg

Chief Operating Officer, based in Göteborg

All candidates to be fluent in English, Swedish is appreciated, other languages are a strong plus.